Unlock positive value for the planet

Flexi Greens from Emani Group provides you a lush greenery that makes your home, office, and work tables look fascinating. The greens that we provide are made up of high quality moss. The benefit of our Flexi greens is that, it requires zero maintainance. Why wait? reach us to bring nature near you with Flexi greens and unlock the positive value for the planet. 

In the present world, there are almost 4 lakh species of plants. In which, 75% of the plants are vascular plants. The remaining 25% are non-vascular plants. The most underrated plants are the mosses which are included in that 25% of species.

The reason why the mosses are considered as underrated is that, the value it adds to the life of human beings is not being advertised or many of them doesn’t believe in true facts of mosses. Hence, Flexi Greens from Emani Group presents you various advantages of growing mosses in your home/workspace or anywhere else.


We have various moss designs to be decorated on your tables. We also design customised moss frames according to your choice. Check out our store ..


reach us to order moss frames, moss walls, moss to your office, home, garden/anywhere 


We are sure, you would have thought of some questions about Flexi greens. because, we are onboard with unique ideas. Check our FAQ's section. You would get a better clarity on what we do and why we do.  

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